Fit4Life Studio, 81b Main Street, Calderbank, Airdrie, ML6 9SG


Thomas Sneddon

"Since taking lessons with Joe I have lost 23 pounds. I am now the lightest I have been in years and my running has improved so much. I have recorded personal bests in every distance I have done since going to Fit 4 Life Lanarkshire. I am almost at my target weight and plan to keep going to Joe. I can't recommend Joe highly enough."

Elizabeth Martin

" I won two personal training sessions with Joe, in a Charity raffle. I thought I would do the two sessions and leave it at that. I was SO impressed with Joe's work ethic and I have had one personal training session every week ever since. Joe expects you to work hard and if you do, you will see the results. I really look forward to my session and I am delighted with the new tone I have. Fit 4 Life Lanarkshire is a spotless and well organised gym and I would highly recommend it."

Mandy Murray

"Well it's taken time but eventually I can say I have met my mental goal. When I started at 14stone I had already lost 1st1lb. Joe asked for my realistic target. I said 11st 7lbs but inside I said UNDER 11. Worked hard achieved more than I ever thought possible running 10k in 64mins. Last week my daily companion advised 10st6lbs. Yee ha Joe Fennessey is a legend who CAN and DOES make it work if you are willing to put in the effort. well done Joe"

Jennifer McLaughlin, Airdrie

"Joe is extremely professional and passionate about what he does. He has supported me with personal training and Metafit sessions helping me work towards getting my post baby body back. His positive attitude helps motivate me and his work outs push me to the limit where I am seeing results, getting fit and back into my skinny jeans. He is a brilliant trainer and I can't thank him enough.

Laura Maxwell, Glasgow

"I was very nervous about going to a personal trainer, I was overweight, self-conscious about my size and shape, had tried all the diets and various gyms but l always ended up back where I started and even putting on more weight.

When I first went along to Fit 4 Life Lanarkshire, I was embarrassed and felt awkward. Within a few minutes of meeting Joe he really made me feel at ease. We chatted about my weight, diet and fitness goals, lifestyle etc. He made me feel relaxed and he was completely non-judgmental. I liked the fact that I was in a private studio and didn't need to worry about other gym users. Joe also told me about his own weight loss journey which made me feel that his experience made him the right choice for me.

Joe carried out a full body analysis for me, measuring things like body fat percentage, measurements, blood pressure, resting heart rate, peak flow, BMR and BMI. He explained what all these numbers meant and also what I should aim for. He even gave me leaflets to read in my own time.

As far as diet is concerned I was delighted that Joe did not try to sell me expensive supplements or shakes. Instead he suggested a calorie controlled healthy eating plan while gradually increasing my physical activity.

I really liked that Joe also designed a programme for me with ways to increase my activity levels outwith my sessions with him. He is also available for advice between sessions.

Since going to Joe I lost on average 2lbs per week, this didn't feel like much but it was every week! My confidence has improved no end. I have lost 9% body fat and for the first time in years I have a healthy bmi. The best bit is that I never feel hungry or want to binge like before.

Sessions at the gym are enjoyable and effective. Joe always tries to make them different He demonstrates every exercise with confidence and patience and always explains why we are doing each one and how it relates to my goals.

Thanks to Joe I feel that I have got my life back! If I didn't go to him then I would probably be just as unfit as I was but even heavier. Going to a personal trainer was an investment for me but when I calculate the cost of all the junk food I used to eat, then it’s not expensive. I also now genuinely think that you can't put a price on being healthy and fit. I cannot recommend Joe highly enough - Very professional!"


"I was very skeptical of exercise because it suited me. Didn't have time, energy.....,usual excuses. 3 months with Joe has changed my outlook to exercise and it certainly hasn't happened overnight. Joe tailored everything to suit me including training at 6am, tailoring exercises to suit my ability, supporting me and keeping me motivated. Can't rate him highly enough!"


"I went to Fit4life Lanarkshire to lose weight and tone up. I had never been to a gym before. Joe made me feel very welcome and at ease. He worked out an effective food plan for me and was very patient and professional when showing me exercises and using new equipment. I lost over 3 stones in weight and am delighted with the results. I highly recommend this company."