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Weight Management

Weight Management & Lifestyle Change Classes

Do you feel like you have tried every diet under the sun? Low carbs? Meal replacement shakes? Atkins? Cabbage soup?... The list goes on. Have you ended up putting all your weight back on and possibly even more?

At Fit 4 Life Lanarkshire, we do not promote ANY weight loss products. We use a sensible and gradual approach to lifestyle changes using methods which are backed by major agencies like the UK government, The National Health Service, The World Health Organisaition, Diabetes UK and many more.

Our approach is simple, a healthy, calorie controlled balanced diet that will not leave you feeling hungry, together with exercise to improve your cardio-vascular strength, improve your body shape and reduce your body fat.

Our 15 week programme consists of exercise sessions led by a REPS qualified Level 3 (minimum) instructor. All classes will be suitable for all levels and abilities and will gradually increase your fitness. There will also be a weekly, confidential weigh-in and a group talk on lifestyle changes. Each week will cover a different topic with a view to implementing gradual changes to your diet.

Change 4 Life @ Fit 4 Life Lanarkshire

We will also provide ongoing text and email support.
The program is available in different formats
  • Package A Weekly weigh-in and 1 group exercise class.
  • Package B Weekly weigh-in, nutrition chat and 2 group indoor exercise classes.
  • Package C Weekly weigh-in, nutrition chat and up to 4 group indoor/outdoor exercise classes.
  • Package D Full body Analysis, Weekly weigh-in, nutrition chat and 2 group indoor exercise classes and 1 personal training session (personal training session can be done with a friend to reduce cost).
Prices are available on request and class sizes will be kept to a maximum of 10
people. Please feel free to contact us for more details.