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Body Analysis

Body analysis is offered to all clients as part of a block personal training booking and is normally carried out during your first session.
This service is also offered as a standalone service to non personal training clients.

Body analysis includes the following:

  • Accurate body fat percentage. Measured using modern, non-invasive medical grade testing equipment.

  • Basal metabolic rate - essential when trying to lose weight sensibly.
  • Daily energy requirement.
  • Height & weight (Required to calculate Body mass index).
  • Body measurements (used to monitor progress).
  • Peak expiration flow. (A good indication of lung capacity).
  • Blood pressure & resting heart rate (essential when designing safe & effective exercise and weight management programmes).
  • Fitness testing, including cardio vascular tests and muscle strength and endurance tests.
  • Posture and range of movement checking.
  • Flexibility testing
All test results are treated with the strictest confidentiality and stored securely (as required by the Data protection Act) and will be presented to you in an easy to read format with an explanation for each test.

Weight management and nutrition advice is also offered and is complementary with all personal training packages.