Fit4Life Studio, 81b Main Street, Calderbank, Airdrie, ML6 9SG


We offer a range of services designed to suit all levels of fitness and abilities. Please feel free to call and discuss your requirements with us or to arrange a no obligation visit to our studio. Below are some of the services we provide and these can be tailored for your individual needs. We offer special rates for anyone booking 5 Personal Training sessions or more.

Body Analysis

During this we will check your height, weight and body measurements. We will then measure your blood pressure and resting heart rate and using modern, non- invasive, medical grade equipment, we can perform a full body analysis. This is painless and only takes a few minutes, after which you will be given a detailed report of your body composition. This will include body fat percentage, muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, body mass index and other relevant information. Results will also be explained to you.

Please contact us for current prices and to book an appointment.

Weight Management Class

Fed up with yo-Yo dieting? have you tried them all but end up heavier once you stop. You are not alone!

Having lost over 5 1/2 stones in weight and transformed my body shape and fitness levels, I went on to help others do the same. Having life experience puts me in the position of knowing what you are going through and can help when things get tough.

The "Flab 2 Fab" classes are restricted to small numbers. Each block is about teaching healthy eating to optimise fat loss, coupled with exercise. We will discuss nutrition and learn how to make good choices when it comes to eating and drinking. Despite being a group session your weight and body analysis results are never divulged to other members of the class.

We do not promote or endorse any products, diets or supplements. Our approach is calorie controlled, sensible eating and exercise activity.

The basic packages consists of 1 weekly weigh in and fitness class. Additional fitness classes and or personal training sessions can be added on to suit your budget.

All packages include a body analysis and regular re-testing.

Make this the last "diet" that you will ever have to go on!

Personal Training

Personal Training
Carried out at any of the following locations:
At our private studio
At home/office
Gym of your choice
We offer competitive prices and provide a range of equipment. Sessions are tailored to your goals and are fun, innovative and effective. Why not train with friends to reduce the cost further. Please contact us for a current price list.

JogScotland Calderbank

Fit 4 Life Lanarkshire are proud to support Jogscotland. We are home to jogscotland Calderbank, an independent jogscotland group offering sessions suitable for all levels and abilities.

Are you one of those people who think they should do more exercise but never get around to it? Or maybe you'd like to lose weight but find it difficult to motivate yourself. Perhaps you don't want to exercise alone or are just looking for a new hobby and a place to exercise outdoors with other people.

Jogscotland Calderbank meet every Wednesday evening at the Fit 4 Life Studio in Calderbank. We try to make the sessions fun, friendly and relaxed. New members are always welcome to join in.

Fitness Testing

These can include strength testing, endurance testing, flexibility testing and cardio vascular testing. All test results will be recorded and given to you for reference. Please ask about our full range of fitness tests.

Metafit Lanarkshire

Larger group fitness classes. Monday evenings 7:30pm & Friday evenings at 7:15pm. Please contact us to reserve your place.

Want to train as a group?

Small group fitness classes are as followed:
  • Metafit
  • Circuit training
  • Bootcamp
  • Gym sessions
  • Kettlebells
jogscotland Calderbank - An independant jogscotland group