Fit4Life Studio, 81b Main Street, Calderbank, Airdrie, ML6 9SG

About Us

Fit 4 Life Lanarkshire are a small, customer focused, vibrant company with fresh innovations, ideas and ambitions. We are here to help you with your fitness and weight loss goals.
Training sessions are tailored to you and your targets, Our job is to make it fun, effective and enjoyable.

At our Calderbank studio we have a wide range of modern cardiovascular, strength and balance equipment to suit all levels and abilities.
There is no need to worry about what others are thinking. Unlike other gyms where others may be training at the same time as you, during your personal training session with us you will have exclusive use of the gym under the instruction and supervision of a REPS qualified and insured Personal Trainer.

We guarantee that YOUR safety is OUR number 1 priority.

  • We will demonstrate patience and professionalism at all times when teaching new exercises and equipment, regardless to how long it takes you to learn, we are there to help YOU.
  • We will NEVER ask you to complete an exercise which makes you feel uncomfortable or is outwith your ability.
  • We will ALWAYS ensure that exercises are being performed safely and to the best of your ability.
  • We will continually monitor and review your programme for effectiveness and will actively encourage feedback from you.
  • We will explain the purpose of every exercise in relation to your goals, including which muscle group is being exercised, why we are doing exercises in a particular order and why we are doing the number of sets and repetitions of each exercise.
  • Your session will be unique to you and your goals.
  • We will treat your information and data with the strictest confidentiality.
  • We will ensure that we ALWAYS only teach what we are qualified and insured to do.
  • We can also provide ongoing support by designing an activity programme for you to follow between sessions and suggest ways of becoming more active from day to day. Our support is unlimited via email, text and telephone to all our clients.
  • Our rates are very competitive and we offer packages to suit all budgets. Please contact us for more details